FIRST conference

The FIRST conference is hold during the World Festival. We gave a presentation on integrating the Panasonic Grid-EYE sensor in the EV3 enviroment. This is the presentation: Extending EV3 hardware and software

Blog 2: Visiting Chicago

Before traveling from Chicago to St.Louis we had one day to spend in Chicago. Due to time differences we all got up early in the morning, but in the evening we were exhausted Our trip began using the metro, but the rest of time we walked through the city and along the chicago river. We made…

Blog 1: Journey and food

Our journey began with packing our stuff. We securely packed our Legos with 150 meters of bubble plastic and 1 cubic meter of filling material.      On the news we saw that Saturday 23rd of April was one of the most crowded days on Schiphol airport. We took a safe margin and were present on…

Blog 0: Packing the LEGO attachements

For our trip to St.Louis we needed to take all our Lego as hand luggage with us. We did not trust to check it in. After carefully wrapping the lego in buble foil, we filled the suitcases up with mais spacers.

Demo op International Robotics Week 2017

We zijn uitgenodigd om op de eerste dag van de International Robotics Week een demo te geven van onze robot. Meer informatie kan je vinden op de website van Robovalley: ‘s Middags geven we een aantal keer een demo. Omdat het een internationale beurs is, zullen we de uitleg in het Engels doen.