Blog 2: Visiting Chicago

Before traveling from Chicago to St.Louis we had one day to spend in Chicago. Due to time differences we all got up early in the morning, but in the evening we were exhausted

Our trip began using the metro, but the rest of time we walked through the city and along the chicago river. We made some beautiful photos there.


There is also a Trump tower in Chicago.

On the pier.

The 3rd highest building in Chicago is the John Hancock building. Constructed in 1968 it still looks quite modern. You can go to the 94th deck at 314 meter to see the view over Chicago. As it was a clear day, we had a magnificent view.


From there we walked to the Old Town. This part of the town was the rebuild after the big fire in 1871 by mainly German immigrants. There were a lot of small cafe’s and restaurants in this region.

Lastly we visited the Lincoln park, where Leon had his first taste of the meme beverage Mountaindew. He was astounded.

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